Sunday, January 4, 2015

Car Cooler, Swamp Cooler, Reproduction for Studebakers

We purchased a reproduction Car Cooler on, painted it, and added the Thermador sticker for effect. It works well, but the "look" is even better.


Jon said...

Hi! I just bought one of these for my Plymouth and I was going to paint it. What kind of paint did you end up using and did you Primer it first? Also, I noticed that you drilled a hole in the bottom. Was that for the water to leak out?



Jason Michaels said...

On day one, I roughed up the body with fine sandpaper, cleaned and dried it, and then primed it with Rustoleum. On day two, I painted the body with Rustoleum as well. I bought the Thermador sticker on eBay and applied it after the body paint was dry. The hole in the bottom is for a homemade support arm that rests on the window sill, as the guide on the cooler is slightly thicker than the window channels on my truck. The support arm guarantees that I don't lose the cooler while driving.