Sunday, February 24, 2008

1950 Studebaker Champion Brochure

Excellent scans of sales brochures for the 1950 Studebaker Champion, as well as other Studebaker cars.

View 1950 Studebaker sales brochures at

5 Things To Do After You Buy a Studebaker

A great list by the Studebaker's Drivers Club - "5 Things To Do After You Buy a Studebaker."

My only addition is that you contact a local garage that services older cars; employers/owners are a wealth of knowledge.

View the list of to-dos at the Studebaker Drivers club website.

Salute to American Graffiti - 2008 - Petaluma

3rd Annual Petaluma's Salute to American Graffiti
May 15, 16 & 17, 2008

The four remaining feature cars will be re-united in Petaluma where they were last together in 1972. Collectively these movie classics are valued at over $10 million.

Map of the American Graffiti filming locations in Petaluma, CA.

Link to the American Graffiti event website.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Replica Radio for the 1950 Studebaker Champion

Quick request: I've located a lot of non-working speaker/radio combos for the 1950 Studebaker Champion, but what I'm looking for is a replica or model radio that is close in appearance to the original Champion radio.

If you have any references, I would appreciate an email at jason [at] jasonmichaels [dot] com.

Bleeding the Brakes

The first "to-do" on the Studebaker Champion was to bleed the brakes. My neighbor recommended the Vacula VAC180051 vacuum brake bleeder and clutch bleeder. The Vacula uses compressed air to create a powerful vacuum brake bleeder that can be used to bleed and flush hydraulic brakes and clutches.

Note: If your brake system is using synthetic/silicon brake fluid, you must continue to use silicon brake fluid. If you use a different type of brake fluid in the lines with the synthetic brake fluid, you'll need to replace the lines and start over; it's one or the other.

See the Vacula brake bleeding tool here.

1950 Studebaker Champion Photographs

Below are a few photographs of our 1950 Studebaker Champion. Additional high-res pictures are located here.

My Dad and I, two car lovers with zero car repair experience, took on "Doc" in December 2007. Named "Doc" by my four year-old daughter [in honor of the Fabulous Hudson Hornet in the Pixar movie, Cars] this '50 Studebaker Champion is a true labor of love. More than just metal and grease, Doc is a place where my Dad and I can talk about his childhood, parenting, and the complexities of life in the '00s.

If you have a Studebaker story, send it to me at jason [at] jasonmichaels [dot] com and I'll publish it on this blog.

"Thank you" to Heidi for sharing this project with readers.

Studebaker's West Swap Meet

There will be a swap meet at Studebaker's West in Northern California on May 3, 2008.

Studebaker's West
335 Convention Way, #A
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 366-8787

1950 Studebaker Champion

My Dad and I were independently fond of the Studebaker Champion. In December 2007, we bought a 1950 Studebaker Champion from a father/son restorer team in Chico, California.

We started this project with the original Shop Manual and a Studebaker International catalog.

View the Studebaker International website here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008