Thursday, November 7, 2013

Studebaker - Karel Staple Chapter Calendar - 2014

We've been busy assembling the 2014 Club calendar. Here's a peek at the collage pages.

In Land Park, Sacramento - 3R Studebaker

A few pics while out and about in the 3R Studebaker pickup truck.

Still Earning Its Keep - 1954 Studebaker Pickup

Here's the 1954 3R Studebaker pickup hauling a 20 foot tall Eiffel Tower replica (unassembled).

Studebaker Meetup - Karel Staple Chapter 2013

Our club meet and auction was a big success with hundreds of dollars raised for our education fund. Here are a few pics from the meetup.

Raymond Loewy Honored on

On November 5, 2013, Google honored Studebaker designer Raymond Loewy with a "Google doodle" on Here's an article about the feature.