Sunday, March 27, 2011

Roger Ebert: If You Were a Kid in the 1950s

A fun photo retrospective of the 1950s ... including a bullet nose Studebaker.

View Roger Ebert's full post here.

Monday, March 14, 2011

1958 Packard Hawk - Rare - For Sale

Super-rare find! Love the catfish nose. :-)

"958, the last year of Packard production, brought forth approximately 588 of the fastest, sportiest, Packard-badged Studebakers. Essentially a luxurious version of the 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk 400, and powered with the same 289 V8 topped off with a McCulloch supercharger, the Packard Hawk's controversial styling may have been the reason only 588 were sold. Most of the Hawks were equipped with the Borg-Warner three-speed automatic transmission. This rare Hawk is one of approximately 28 produced with the B-W T85 3-speed w/overdrive manual transmission. There isn't enough to go around, don't let someone else beat you to this true collector car."

View the Packard Hawk listing on eBay.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Family Member - 1942 Dodge Truck

We have a new family member! A 1942 Dodge pickup truck with modern power, brakes and A/C. And while I still hold out hope for "the Studebaker 2R in Curtis Park," I do love the nose and grill on this Dodge.

A bit of history on Dodge trucks:

"- First the engineering and design work to develop a light-duty Dodge military 4 wheel drive truck began in 1940.

- Second, the first light-duty factory built 4WD pickup was introduced in 1946 (The Power Wagon will be covered in a later segment).

- Third, these were the first pickups to be assembled in Dodge Truck's huge, new trucks-only manufacturing plant.

- Fourth, Dodge was the first of the Big Three truck manufacturers to offer a diesel powered truck. It was all the more remarkable because Chrysler engineered and manufactured its own heavy-duty diesel engine.

- And lastly, these pickups are the most popular pickup series with Dodge truck collectors."

More on this Dodge pickup model.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

La Mesa’s Own Mile of Classic Cars - Studebaker

A fun Studebaker story.

"Gene Hamilton’s time machine transports lovers of Hudsons and Studebakers to the glory days of La Mesa Boulevard and 10-cent Evening Tribunes.

We come to the Studebaker lot, with weird cars designed like the hood ornaments on a Buck Rogers spaceship. Here is Carl Burger’s Dodge/Plymouth showroom, showing cars with stodgy breadbox silhouettes."

Read the full narrative on Mount Helix